INKA.Insight Conditions of use

1. Right of use and procedure

Access to HSBC INKA.Insight is obtained by means of a user ID (if necessary plus a digital certificate) and passwords with which the user is provided by HSBC INKA. By entering the user ID and passwords the user has access to the corresponding information relating to the user's investment fund and direct investments.

If a company gains the right of use (either group or individual right of use), it can give its employees authorisation for use by means of the access data received for HSBC INKA.Insight. Accordingly the company and the employees authorised by it are referred to jointly as the 'user'. It is not permitted to pass on the access data to third parties outside the company. Upon consultation the user's external service providers can also be provided with a right of use for the user's HSBC INKA.Insight by means of written notification of HSBC INKA. The respective third party is then assigned its own access data by HSBC INKA.

If an employee leaves the user's company or if the user revokes its consent to the right of use by an authorised employee or external service provider, the user shall inform HSBC INKA of this immediately in writing (e-mail is sufficient). As a result the account concerned will be blocked and the user issued with a new password.

2. Scope of services

The HSBC INKA.Insight system gives users the opportunity to request information relating to investment fund and direct investments offered by HSBC INKA on its website. HSBC INKA endeavours to ensure that the information is up-to-date, correct and complete at all times. Nevertheless, as underlying investment fund and direct investments data may have changed in the meantime, the information provided is not necessarily always up-to-date, correct and complete. Within the scope of HSBC INKA.Insight, information is provided without prior reconciliation with thedepositary. Differences compared to the final reporting reconciled with the depositary may therefore arise which make it necessary to subsequently amend the information provided via HSBC INKA.Insight. The user bears sole responsibility for use and its consequences.

The user is not entiled to the constant availability of INKA.Insight. Restrictions may arise in particular on account of maintenance work or for other technical reasons.

HSBC INKA reserves the right to amend, supplement or delete INKA.Insight including the underlying procedure or individual content of INKA.Insight in full or in part without a separate announcement, in particular if this is necessary to make technical adjustments or meet legal and supervisory requirements, respectively. Furthermore, HSBC INKA is not obliged to maintain the INKA.Insight offer fully and indefinitely. INKA.Insight may be discontinued at any time after the users have been informed correspondingly.

3. Use of the password

The user shall ensure that unauthorised persons do not gain knowledge of the password assigned to the user by HSBC INKA. It is not permitted to pass access data on to external service providers or other third parties.

The user shall make the necessary security arrangements according to the respective state-of-the-art technology to protect its system from interference by third parties with corresponding security procedures and carry out regular virus scans using up-to-date methods and tools.

If the user suspects misuse or that third parties have gained knowledge of the password, it shall inform HSBC INKA of this immediately.

4. Licensed Benchmark

If a licensed benchmark is shown in HSBC INKA.Insight, e.g. for performance or risk measurement, the user warrants that the licensed benchmark will be used by the user only for internal purposes and that the licensed benchmark will not be passed on to third parties by the user.

Furthermore, the user agrees that HSBC INKA may disclose fund-related data to the respective licensor upon its request to the extent that this is necessary to obtain the licensed benchmark.

5. Barring of access to INKA.Insight

If the user enters the wrong password three times in succession when logging on for INKA.Insight, HSBC INKA will bar access and only activate access again upon application by the user. Furthermore, HSBC INKA will bar access if it suspects misuse. The user will be informed about this.

The user may arrange for its INKA.Insight access to be barred by HSBC INKA via written notification (e-mail is sufficient).

6. Liability

HSBC INKA is only liable for disruptions to INKA.Insight, in particular if access is not possible temporarily or permanently for technical reasons or data transmission is not carried out properly, in the event of gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

As access to information provided by HSBC INKA.Insight by unauthorised third parties cannot be fully excluded, HSBC INKA does not guarantee or assume liability for the confidentiality and integrity of the information provided.

HSBC INKA does not guarantee or warrant the actuality, correctness or completeness of the information available.

Furthermore, HSBC INKA points out that open transactions are not included in the reported holdings as a matter of principle.

Liability claims in connection with HSBC INKA.Insight against HSBC INKA are generally excluded insofar as there is no demonstrable fault of an intentional or grossly negligent nature on the part of HSBC INKA.

7. Validity

Should a provision or part of a provision of these conditions of use be invalid, illegal or ineffective for any reason, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

8. Amendments to these conditions of use

These conditions of use may be amended or supplemented at any time. Notifications regarding amendments are made accessible via the HSBC INKA.Insight portal.

9. Applicable law

These conditions of use are subject to German law.

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